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The inspiration for Bears For Thoughts

Starting  your own business can be daunting and this baby inspired
venture grew out of personal events in my life……

The inspiration for Bears For Thoughts came after I had my three
children. My first & second children were premature & as a
result each weighed in at 3lb 6oz.

I had to nurse my first child constantly, keeping her in kangaroo care at all times.
I felt that those precious first days and weeks with her were very special, so
I decided to create something that would capture those wonderful moments forever.

As a result I decided on making baby sized jointed bears – in three varieties
Precious, Joy, and Sparkle representing my three children.

I hope that these personalised bears allow parents to relive those wonderful first
moments with their baby over & over again, giving others the chance to celebrate
the birth of any loved member of their family, regardless of occasion.


Bears For Thoughts creator


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