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As the lockdown in the UK begins to ease we at bears for thoughts are just considering what the next steps for the business and our customers will be.
At this moment we appreciate people have very significant issues to contend with and minds are preoccupied, distracted and a little stressed.

The last few months have undoubtedly been difficult for businesses of all shapes and sizes, the social distancing , fear of contagion, closed parks and open spaces plus
( worst of all ) being locked inside with the children!! ( which has been stressful – to say the least ).

But now the general level of alarm is just beginning to go down, perhaps we can peek out of our ‘caves’ and begin to hope for a brighter future, especially now the sun is out – well most of the time anyway – and various businesses begin to cautiously reopen.

So we at Bears For Thoughts want to spread a little Joy add a little Sparkle and show how Precious you are to us with these free downloads (see download links below ) to keep the young ones quiet for at least 5 minutes, feel free to share these as often as you like.

By the way… we would like to thank all the essential workers, carers and unsung super stars, heroes and heroines that have kept things going during this time.

Bears For Thoughts is a family run business, based on the idea of celebrating the birth of loved ones in your family with personalised baby gifts in the form of handmade bears suitable for any occasion, you can find out more here.

Hope to speak to you all again soon, thanks for reading.

Teddy Maze

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